For starters, you want to be extra careful as your design is drying.
Jagua is completely different from henna in regards to how you handle the design after it's applied to the skin to guarantee a quality stain.
It's common to smear or rub your design on yourself or clothing because of forgetfulness or carelessness of others.
The jagua may appear colorless at first, but whatever it has touched will turn blue/black in the next day or two. This includes items of cloth, leather, and other areas of the skin, even after immediately wiping it away. Jagua contains a much stronger dye then henna since it is made with extracted fruit juice which makes it a very potent dye. Be cautious of laying your design on other areas of the skin during the first 48 hours after the gel is removed. Sweat and heat can cause the ink to imprint on the areas it rests on. Applying a small amount of coconut oil or natural lotion should help prevent this from happening.


For a dark stain, you'll want to leave the jagua on for a MINIMUM of 2 hours or until the gel begins to peel off.
Once completely dried, the jagua gel needs to be washed off with soap & using cold or room temperature water. You may also use a damp towel to remove the gel if the majority of it has peeled up and away from the skin. The gel will appear slightly grey and not very visible. Allow 48 hours for full color development of your design(jet blue/black). To ensure your design lasts a full 3 weeks, follow the upkeep tips and tricks below.


These practices are most useful once your design has reached its final color. Then your design is guaranteed to last for a full 3 weeks, maybe even longer!!
  • BEFORE using water or exfoliating over design, apply a THIN layer of vaseline. Using your finger or a q-tip, apply small layer to design to help prevent water damage. Substitutes: Vaseline (best), chapstick, coconut oil, olive oil, beeswax
  • KEEP your design moisturized! Designs will fade very quickly from dry skin. It's important to use natural, & non-exfoliating creams or oils to moisturize design whenever it is dry. 
  • Do NOT rub your design dry. Use a soft cloth or napkin to dab your design dry. Rubbing the design once the skin is moistened will cause your design to lift away quickly.
  • Exposure to sweating, saunas, jacuzzi, & chlorine pools, will cause designs to fade faster. Avoid these activities until you're ready to see your design go!
  • Apply sunblock BEFORE tanning. With an exposed jagua design in the sun, you run the risk of creating a farmers tan of the design you had once it is removed (3 weeks later.) 
 Left hand| Jagua design at 2 weeks of wear. Right Hand| Jagua freshly applied.
    If you still have questions about aftercare for your jagua design, or would like to share your experience of receiving a jagua tattoo please leave a comment below!

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